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8 Reasons NOT to rice your car

Now, I’m not speaking representing every sane person on earth, but one thing I hate is seeing an overly modified car drive by, especially on a car that was never built for performance.


  1. Most people think it looks silly. Yes, really. You know why you don’t see buisnessmen and other successful people in cars that look like this? Yes. Because it’s stupid.
  2. It makes your car get less MPG. The huge wing and body kit may give you a wee bit a downforce, but is the 5 MPG worth it?
  3. It’s expensive. A body kit can cost anywhere from $200 to $2000 dollars. Wouldn’t you rather just keep the money and buy a better car later?
  4. It’s probably going to slow you down, not speed you up. The spoiler/body kit/scoops isn’t going to propel your car forward. It may give you more downforce, but sometime it isn’t even worth it. Remember the Ferrari F40? It’s spoiler really only did something at 100MPH+. It was later decided it would be better without it.
  5. Resale value drops. You know it. Dealers hate buying cars with junk all over it. Only someone like you will be willing to buy it. Say you have a Civic DX that you’ve modified all the way, and you get your new paycheck at work and decide you can upgrade to a Subaru Impreza WRX STi. What do you do with your old car? You gotta sell it. But to who? Say on the other end of the line, Grandma’s Buick has given it’s last beath, and she’s looking for a new Civic. She doesn’t want a modified to the dirt car that’s been painted a bad color of green. She wants a normal car.
  6. Nobody thinks it’s as cool as you. That doesn’t mean nobody likes it, it’s just, you know when you’ve done something uber-cool but when you finish, people think it’s only.. kinda cool? You think it’s cooler because you feel the self-accomplishment behind it. Chances are, in the act of modifying your car you’ve learned a lot and spent a lot of hard work on it to get it just right. Other people just see the finished product, not the work put into it.
  7. You make yourself a target to cops. Ask yourself, who will the cop pull over first?

  8. You are immediately labelled. The media has ruined the image of street racing. When you do this to your car, you go through people’s minds as a street racer, whether you are or not. And what has the media made people think of street racers? Egotistical car-part theives.

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