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08 users talk too fast

Before the release of the GT-R, defensive Corvette fans immediately attack. It’s funny how people can make predictions when there are no details.

what will they do when it turns out it still isn’t as fast as the Z06?

Vitamin J

here is a thought, maybe, judging by the release date, it is slated as a cAmaro and challenger competitor? they come out at the same time. i bet theyll be faster, too.


the Z06 is unbeatable unless you spend over $300k or buy a track only car.

Vitamin J

7:29 — 164.68 km/h — 2009 Nissan GT-R
7:42.9 – 160.21 km/h — Corvette Z06

Although, two months after their arguments, the ZR1 has a snazzy time of 7:26.4.

Disclaimer: I am not an obsessive GT-R or Z06 fan, I like them about the same.