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Spotted: C5 Corvette Drag Racer

I would have pictures too, but they turned out quite badly. Some performance was done by The Vette Docters for the Red Sled Racing.


The Chevrolet SSR, because forgetting the past is just plain rude

The Chevrolet SSR (Super Sport Roadster) is a door to the past. Its styling cues come straight from the Chevrolet Advanced Design series. The small round circular headlights, the strip grille, and large wheel wells all distinguish itself from any other truck. You could never confuse the SSR with another truck in the world.

Out of the 24,150 units produced, 24,112 were sold to the public for a hefty $42,000, and owners find it worth every penny. To quote some SSR owners:

Some vehicles are born as instant classics. This is one of them.

In the past 10 years not a one automotive maker has made me turn my head, stop dead in my tracks and say “I’ve got to have one of those”!! I am the proud owner of an SSR with 24,112 of them made I own a piece of Amercian Automotive History.

The SSR is a piece of American automotive history, a one of a kind, an homage to it’s great grand daddy, to a simpler time past, and never to be repeated.

The 03-04 model years came with a 5.3l 300hp V8, while the 05-06 model year came with the base Corvette’s 6.0l 390hp V8. At 4760 pounds, that’s not so great. However, that’s not a problem because RSI tuning have made two performance packages for it. The minor package offers to up the SSR to 500hp, and the second package offers a sweet 600hp. That doesn’t even include the supercharger they also sell. If performance is one of your main reasons to not buy an SSR, your problem is solved.

It offers seating for two, and a standard retractable hardtop. Miles per gallon is 19 highway and 15 city, which shouldn’t be a problem if the $40k price tag wasn’t.

Many find the SSR ugly, but they never realized what this truck is. This truck is rare, easily identifiable, and unique. It’s the modernized retro Chevy truck. It’s what the 1947-55 truck would be if it was made now. If you asked me a month ago what I thought of this truck, I’d laugh. If you asked me now, after I’ve done some research and listened to some Chevrolet SSR owners, I’d have a story to tell you.


2010 Chevrolet Volt official production photos hit the web

The production Volt is starting to look more like a Scion tC.

The front looks relatively the same, but this picture doesn’t give you as good of a perspective as the first shot does. Obvious changes are the larger headlights, a smaller scoop on the hood, and larger opening at the bottom (Can anyone tell me what this is called?).

The back also stays relatively the same. There are minor changes on the lower half, but it isn’t enough to change your image of the car.

Ignore the GM engineers in each of the production car shots. I didn’t need to tell you that the production Volt is a LOT different from the concept. The shape altogether has changed completely. The concept is more sporty, yet unsophisticated compared to the production car. Plenty of people don’t feel it’s worth $40k. Personally I like both the concept and the production car the same. I really can’t tell which I like best — there’s the concept which looked ready to burst into attack mode, and the production car, which stays sporty, yet starts to look more like an Aveo. I have to agree that a forty thousand dollar car ought to have a better shape than this.



This picture pretty much sums it up

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08 users talk too fast

Before the release of the GT-R, defensive Corvette fans immediately attack. It’s funny how people can make predictions when there are no details.

what will they do when it turns out it still isn’t as fast as the Z06?

Vitamin J

here is a thought, maybe, judging by the release date, it is slated as a cAmaro and challenger competitor? they come out at the same time. i bet theyll be faster, too.


the Z06 is unbeatable unless you spend over $300k or buy a track only car.

Vitamin J

7:29 — 164.68 km/h — 2009 Nissan GT-R
7:42.9 – 160.21 km/h — Corvette Z06

Although, two months after their arguments, the ZR1 has a snazzy time of 7:26.4.

Disclaimer: I am not an obsessive GT-R or Z06 fan, I like them about the same.


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