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So there’s this place called Ollie’s…

So I’ve been doing a lot of driving because I need to get 45 hours to get my lisence. We were maybe 30 minutes from home, when my mom asked if we could pull into the strip mall and go into a store called Ollie’s. Fair enough. We walk in. This is old person heaven, reminding me of a thrift store. There’s a bunch of random stuff in here: books, carpet, calenders, and boom, just like that, I see her. Classic Cars, by Michael Bowler. I’m curious so I take a look. The book is full of information and high-resolution pictures (let me make note that this hardback is maybe 10 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and an inch and a quarter thick). Looks pretty neat, and ends out it’s only $7.95. I’m interested. I take some more looks at the book to find it’s very detailed and it just happens to have my favorite car in it. Mine.

I’m very glad I bought the book — it’s got some spelling errors and such (it’s not like I don’t make errors), but it’s really worth the money. If you can find it as cheap as I did, I seriously recommend you buying it. However, the chances of that don’t seem too high — lists it for $53.61, un-including shipping.