Free online car magazines? Ooo!

My buddies at http://www.theautounion.net/ have informed me of two free online car magazines. They are called iMotor Magazine and Road Magazine. Both are somewhat new, one of which has four issues and the other seven.

iMotor magazine features high-resolution photos and is interactive if you read it online. The articles are somewhat stubby, not loaded with information, but getting the point across. You can download the entire magazine as a .pdf, however, it loses the interactiveness of it, and the text dissapears, leaving you with a .pdf full of pictures. Issues remain around 30 pages.

Road Magazine has over one hundred pages in their issues, but the image quality is incredibly poor. The articles are longer and more detailed. It is not interactive, and remains quite dull throughout the entire magazine. Road Magazine can also be downloaded in full as a .pdf, but keeps its text.

If you want to read on the go where there may not be internet acess, have a Road Magazine downloaded and ready to go. If you will have internet acess and you’re just bored, stick with iMotor. Or, you could just play it save with the real, solid, material magazines.


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