2010 Chevrolet Volt official production photos hit the web

The production Volt is starting to look more like a Scion tC.

The front looks relatively the same, but this picture doesn’t give you as good of a perspective as the first shot does. Obvious changes are the larger headlights, a smaller scoop on the hood, and larger opening at the bottom (Can anyone tell me what this is called?).

The back also stays relatively the same. There are minor changes on the lower half, but it isn’t enough to change your image of the car.

Ignore the GM engineers in each of the production car shots. I didn’t need to tell you that the production Volt is a LOT different from the concept. The shape altogether has changed completely. The concept is more sporty, yet unsophisticated compared to the production car. Plenty of people don’t feel it’s worth $40k. Personally I like both the concept and the production car the same. I really can’t tell which I like best — there’s the concept which looked ready to burst into attack mode, and the production car, which stays sporty, yet starts to look more like an Aveo. I have to agree that a forty thousand dollar car ought to have a better shape than this.

Source: http://thecarconnection.com/


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